Our Commitment to Carbon Neutral Shipping

We are conscious of the impact our shipping has on the environment. We ship out many packages every day and know that our customers are just as concerned as we are about how this effects our Earth. That's why, in addition to the many other sustainability efforts we make, we have made a commitment to shipping our products carbon neutral to you at absolutely no cost!


To make this all possible we have partnered with GreenShipping.com who tracks and calculates how many carbon offsets EarthLinens.com should buy to offset all of our shipments to our customers, including you.

Here's how it works:


1.   You buy products from EarthLinens.com.


2.   GreenShipping uses the shipments' tracking code and other details to determine the route and mode of transport.


3.   GreenShipping's calculator uses weight, distance traveled and mode of transport to accurately calculate the carbon generated by your shipment.


4.   At no extra cost to you, EarthLinens.com purchases a GreenShipping carbon offset and your shipment becomes carbon neutral and together we fund the development of renewable energy.