Sleep With Cotton, Not Chemicals

Posted on September 14, 2010 by Dave Barnes There have been 0 comments

You may have heard the average person spends 1/3 of their life sleeping.  Babies spend nearly 70 percent of their early life in their beds!  If you are not sleeping on a bed made of organic cotton you and your baby may be breathing in dangerous chemicals the entire time you sleep!  That alone should be reason enough to switch over to an organic cotton mattress from, but if it’s not, here are some other reasons to get rid of that chemically loaded allergen magnet you sleep on.

Most people have felt or seen a bed made of memory foam.  Memory foam is made from visco-elastic polyurethane foam.  Polyurethane is non-biodegradable because it is synthetic and made from petroleum products which means these mattresses will remain in our landfills for a very long time.  Compare this to cotton which is a renewable resource and also bio-degradable.

As of 2007 all mattresses sold in the United States must resist open flames.  To conform to this requirement given by the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC), all mattresses containing any synthetic materials must be treated with flame-retarding chemicals.  If a polyurethane foam mattress were to catch on fire it would release deadly fumes.

Organic cotton mattresses are free of dangerous chemicals and they will not burst into flames and emit deadly fumes if it were to catch on fire.  Our mattresses have an exclusive fire protection system which features a non-toxic and naturally derived fire barrier system. It is approved and exceeds the requirements from the CPSC.

When you sleep on an organic cotton mattress you will be able to breathe comfortably, knowing you are not breathing in harmful chemicals.  Your baby’s safety and health is not something that should be compromised and neither is yours!  By sleeping on an organic cotton mattress from you and your baby will be protected and you both will get better sleep.  Sleep comfortably!

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