Alternative to Uncomfortable Travel: BedVoyage’s Bamboo Travel Sheets

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If you think cotton is the best option in the market for a soft sleep, you might be up for a surprise. There’s a product that provides a softer feel than 1,000-thread count cotton sheets will ever give and it comes from the most tenacious and easy-to-grow plant species in the world, bamboo. Bamboo sheets can give consumers all the benefits of organic cotton minus the eye bulging price tag. Made from 100% viscose from bamboo plants, these sheets are breathable to the skin, and they absorb moisture better than polyester or cotton ever will. This means no more tossing and turning in the summer heat. They are hypo-allergenic too which is great for people who are still allergic to dust generated by cotton or heat from silk or satin.  These sheets are ideal for those who are meticulous with their bedding and for those who are traveling with babies and other sensitive-skinned individuals.

Bamboo is one of the fastest-growing species in the world, growing up to 48 inches a day. They are easy to mass produce too, allocating only about 3 to 4 months prior to harvesting. Using bamboo in organic sheets will not only be beneficial to the user but it gives back to the environment as well since it does not use pesticide which usually destroys the natural nutrients of the soil and makes it more prone to erosion. Its farmers will not experience any adverse effects from constant exposure to chemical.

Organic Travel Sheets by BedVoyage can give you all the benefits of bamboo. Evidence of how organic it really is, is found in the natural sheen of its cloth. These organic travel sheets were also designed for the travelers’ convenience. It has a patent-pending design where the top sheet is attached to the fitted sheet found at the foot of the bed. Just one snap on all four corners and you’re ready for a fitful night’s sleep. BedVoyage’s travel sheets come in sizes for Twin, Double, Queen and King Size beds. The set also comes with a pillowcase and a tote for portable drag and drop. The best thing about BedVoyage and its bamboo sheets though is that they tend to be less expensive than Egyptian cotton. Its king size sheets are in the market for only $209.00.

There is a slight precaution in terms of caring for such natural products though. As these organic sheets do not contain blends of polyester unlike most commercial products, they will stretch easily if not cared for.  No harmful chemicals should also be used for its washing. The best way to treat them is through baking soda and vinegar in cold wash or a mild detergent. Fabric softeners should not be used. If cared for well, viscose from bamboo sheets may even last longer than synthetics, all the more reason to take care of such a valuable asset for fitful nights ahead.

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